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We have published the Policy Manager to our DMZ network. However the Server Security can't connect it. There is a firewall between the server and the Policy Manager but it is not showing any denied connections on the firewall log. Both http and tcp/8080 are open for communication.


The error is:

Connecting to http://zzz.yyy.xx (no BW proxy, no HTTP proxy)...
Update check failed. There was an error connecting http://zzz.yyy.xx (Connection refused)



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    Hello iukky-atk,


    This sounds like a configuration error where the Server Security tries to connect to a wrong port.

    Which port the Server Security is actually trying to connect to, and which port is configured as the host module port on Policy Manager Server?


    By default Policy Manager is listening to port 80 as host module port.


  • Thanks. That was the problem. I added :8080 to the Policy Manager Server address line in the Server Security configuration and now it's connecting just fine. :)




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