FSPM 11.22 - excluded objects not pushed to clients

I have a FSPM11.22 where I defined a bunch of excluded objects at the root of my strategy domain, for both disk scanning and resident scanning.


The problem is, after having deployed strategies and checked on a workstation client that the latest strategy was fetched, the excluded object list on the client doesn't match what was defined onto the FSPM server.


FSecure for workstation 11.60 on the client side.


Is there anyone getting the same issue ?

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    If you want to enforce the changes to clients, you need to select the option "Disallow user changes". In that way, if the client has different settings, the settings will be overrided by those from the Policy Manager.




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    It is not enough to declare object / folder exclusions in the policy, but there is also a separate line above it, which enables the use of those exclusions (disabled by default).


    Best Regards: Tamas Feher, Hungary.

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    This has fixed the issue thx !

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