F-secure Key claims about expired subscription - "automatic" reneval of Premium

I have made (in May) a 3 moths Premium subscription with automatic reneval for F-secure Key.

Now F-secure Key started to inform that the subscritpion has expired and shall be extended. When I press the "OK", nothing happens except the window closes.

Question: what to do to get the "automatic" extension & reneval to work & continue?

(F-secure Key version 1.6.141 with Win 8.1)

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  • Matti123Matti123 Posts: 10

    I have the similar problem though I started my 3 months period on 23rd of June. My subscription should be still active till 23rd of September.

  • Timo_VTimo_V Posts: 38 Former F-Secure Employee



    Could you please send us logs to help investigate the problem:

    1. Open About view in KEY app.

    2. Click the version number several times in a row. It should open the Support view.

    3. Click Send.

    4. Attach here the four words it gives you.

  • The four words are: car toe needle market

  • Timo_VTimo_V Posts: 38 Former F-Secure Employee

    Did you receive a voucher for 3 months of free Key use and entered it when you made the purchase? In this case the subscription would not renew automatically and you would need purchase the subscription again.


    If not we will continue investigating why the subscription has not renewed automatically.

  • Matti123Matti123 Posts: 10

    Four words: book bedroom space noise


    My supscription is 3 months free but it is only 2 months from the start.

  • Sorry, I do not remember exactly the "registration" process of Key, nor any vouchers. In my files I have only an e-mail message from F-Secure <[email protected]> with a headline "F-Secure International Online Shop - Tilausvahvistus #30XXXXXXXX". In the body text there is the following wording: Määrä Tuote Hinta ________________________________________ 1 F-Secure Key Premium -tilaus Synkronointi - 3 kuukautta (automaattinen uusinta) Mac OS X, Windows 7, Windows 8 # 12XXXXXXX Tilaus €4,49 Maybe it is worth mentioning, that in the same message there is information about "own account" / "oma tili", which information I have not been able to use (where is that tili located?). Further "asiakaspalvelu FAQ"-address does not exist and "Tekninen tuki" refers to F-secure technical support, which is not able/willing to give any assistance to "Key". Too much confusion! If Ï make a new subscription, how to be sure that the same existing subscription continues (with my previous data) and I will not be a new subscriber?? And further, how to make the subscrition, as I cannot find such "option" in the "Key"-software. Feeling very uncomfortable with this software. MH



  • Timo_VTimo_V Posts: 38 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi Matti123,


    We found a problem in our server and we will most likely get it fixed during next week. The problem should go away automatically without you having to do anything. Unfortunately it will nag about the expired subscription until then.


    Thank you for reporting this to us!

  • slucianslucian Posts: 14

    Hi. I've exactly the same problem on the Mac OS application. Waiting for the fix.

  • Timo_VTimo_V Posts: 38 Former F-Secure Employee

    Matti123, we fixed a bug in our backend that we suspect was the cause of your problem. Did it help or are you still experiencing the problem?


    slucian, do you have the same problem as Matti123 (free 3 month subscription ended too early) or the problem that helamake has (subscription bought with a desktop client doesn't renew automatically)?

  • Matti123Matti123 Posts: 10



    I got reminder earlier this morning but at the moment I can confirm that the issue seems to be fixed.

  • slucianslucian Posts: 14

    I have the helamake's problem (subscription bought with a desktop client doesn't renew automatically). Apparently, the renewal occurred on August 27 (two days ago I received a mail with the receipt from

    F-Secure International Online Shop) but the application still says "Your subscription has expired: Extend your subscription to keep your devices synchronized".

  • mashmash Posts: 20 New Member

    I've got a similar problem. My 3 month subscription has been taken from my credit card and I've had email confirmation from online shop that subscription was renewed on 27th August.  I'm no longer getting a message stating that my subscription has expired but I am unable to syncronise with my mobile device and generating a code and entering it on my mobile device does not work. The worst part is that my mobile device F-Secure app no longer has any passwords!!!  I've sent a log file: flute play house space

  • Timo_VTimo_V Posts: 38 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi mash,


    At least your subscription seems to be working according to the logs. Which KEY version are you using in your mobile device? We had a sync problem in one of our Android builds but the latest one in Google Play should have fixed it. Can you make sure you have the latest version and try to sync it again to your desktop app by generating the code on your desktop and entering it in your mobile app.

  • Problem solved. Thanks.
  • mashmash Posts: 20 New Member

    My synch problem also solved, thank you.

  • No more "subscription expired"-message.

    Problem seem to be solved.


  • Timo_VTimo_V Posts: 38 Former F-Secure Employee

    Great! Thank you all for confirming that it works now.

  • SergeiStPeteSergeiStPete Posts: 14 Observer

    Hi, is it solved for Win desktop version? My Premium was initiated from desktop (Win8.1), sync actually works (v 1.6.141) even if the message appears i have no subscription. Thus i can keep syncing with my Jolla and another desktop, but have no possibility to generate sync code and connect one more device.


    Could someone check please, log was sent with "boat meeting scarecrow drum" code



  • Timo_VTimo_V Posts: 38 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi SergeiStPete,


    Thank you for the logs. We will investigate the problem.



  • Timo_VTimo_V Posts: 38 Former F-Secure Employee

    SergeiStPete: One question, did you purchase Key premium using a credit card or did you enter a free 3 month voucher during the purchase? If you used a free voucher and your credit card has not been charged anything yet, you will need to repurchase with your credit card.

  • SergeiStPeteSergeiStPete Posts: 14 Observer

    I see, thank you. Yes, that is voucher subscription. The only question then is how to cancel it since the subscription is with "auto renewing" option. My understanding was after voucher period expires money will be withdrawn from the card shifting on "normal" subscription. Or "auto renewing" means nothing in this case?

  • Timo_VTimo_V Posts: 38 Former F-Secure Employee

    The Premium subscription will not renew automatically if you have entered a voucher. Unfortunately, this is not explained very well during the purchase process and we need improve the instructions in the future versions.

    But basically, if you want to continue using Premium so that your devices will continue synchronizing passwords with each other, you need to purchase Key on one of your connected devices. After the purchase the "Subscription expired" nagging will go away automatically and everything will continue working in Premium mode.

    Or, if you don't want to continue your Premium subscription you don't need to do anything. The synchronization between your devices will continue working for a few more weeks and during that time you will see the "Subscription expired" message. After that, the message will not appear anymore and your devices will continue working independently in Free mode, without sync. All your passwords will still remain in all your devices.

    I hope this explains it and hopefully you will stay with us as a Premium user!

  • SergeiStPeteSergeiStPete Posts: 14 Observer

    Thank you Timo_V, i'll subscribe again.

  • minimini Posts: 18

    I'm having the same issue as SergeiStPete, so I need to purchase Key. I have to say that this 'feature' is very poorly documented, and also, it's kind of hard to find where to place the order. Can't find any buy or purchase button on page https://www.f-secure.com/fi_FI/web/home_fi/key , there's only links for free download. I'm using the winpc version and would like to place the order for premium, but how?

  • UkkoUkko Posts: 3,215 Superuser



    Sorry for my reply, but it's should be available under F-Secure Key interface on current time (for desktops).


    But it's probably can be situation... that if you have experience about activation for voucher... maybe place for new voucher can be dropped.


    With common steps... purchase premium version of fresh installation F-Secure Key can be with next steps:

    -> Connect devices -> under "Generate new sync-code" should be  Button for purchase with two variants (different number of months). With current button - will be opened page about process for getting premium-version.


    After that maybe need to use "voucher/key" and add it as "voucher" (?!). Or maybe it goes be as automatic-process now. Not sure about desktop-platform. But if there goes be dropped "Add/enter premium voucher / voucher"-button (under Help part of Key-interface) after first using it.. there can be something wrong maybe. And current common steps will be not really helpful.

  • minimini Posts: 18

    Hey, I found it! It was hidden behind Connect devices > Generate Synchronization Code  -button. Paid with my card and now I'm premium again.

    Thanks Ukko =)

  • helamakehelamake Posts: 8

    I had a problem with reneval of my 3-mths subscroption (originally placed may 2014) in Aug.2014. After some changes made by F-secure the reneval worked as expected in Nov 2014 and Feb 2015 but seem to have stopped again in May 2015. Key-software is now running in "free"-mode, however the synchronisation seem to be active. I do not feel confident - should I place another premium subscription, or wait for the "automatic" renewal (how long time), or remain uncertain with the behaviour of the software (or forget the whole thing)?

  • slucianslucian Posts: 14

    I've been having exactly the same problem since the last update (OS X version). The synchronisation is still active, even if I have not received any email confirmation of renewed subscription (It should have been made a few days ago) and the app is running in free mode.

  • slucianslucian Posts: 14

    Any news on this issue? What should we do?

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