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Reporting using 3rd party reporting apps



I want to know how to connect to the H2 db to the 3rd party reporting apps. I'm trying to use jdbc connection but don't know exact connection string to connect to live H2 db.



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  • JuliaRJuliaR Posts: 4
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    Hello suhadi-pbg,


    It should be enabled in additional_java_args: "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE( Wow6432Node)\Data Fellows\F-Secure\Management Server 5\additional_java_args"


    Property name Value type Description Default value

    odbcConnectorEnabledBooleanEnables or disables the access to Policy Manager Server database via ODBCfalse (Disabled)
    odbcConnector.pgAllowOthersBooleanWhen enabled, allows for remote clients to access the database
    When disabled, only the clients residing on the same computer have the access
    false (Disabled)
    odbcConnector.pgPortNumberSpecifies the port number to connect to


    for more detail instructions please contact F-Secure support



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