F-Secure Keys are not syncing

I am a yearly subscription and I have 3 devices where I sync my F-Secure keys.  Just this morning (2014-10-01), I generated keys form my home device, which I checked 2 hours later at work but those keys were not synced.  Also, the mobile device does not have the synchronized keys either.  It seems things are completely un-synchronized at this point.


What do I need to do?  I restarted my app on my devices and restarted my phone, but didn't see any result.  I had a suspicsion that it has been going on for a while, but never had a chance to validate before.  Today, when I needed it the most, I found out that sync is not working.


I need a solution fast.  Thanks.


  • I had the same issue a while ago. For me, generating a new sync code on the phone and entering it on the PC made the trick.

    Not sure what cause my devices to loose sync either, but it could have been a master key change. Anyway, after re-entering those codes, passwords were synchronised again from all devices.

  • That maybe a good solution, but my situation was -- I had to factory reset my phone, which means I had to connect the phone from my macbook.  So I thought I had to generate the key in macbook and then connect my phone with it.  Or, that's what I did.  Then, I connected my work machine from my phone.  At the end of the day, I see ... my home computer has keys that my phone didn't get, and now my work computer has some keys that neither my phone or home computer has.


    I guess I am screwed basically.  I have to go through every single key on every single machine to see which ones I am missing and where.  What's the point in paying a subscription fee if the simple syncing can't be done?   Not sure.   At this point I am looking into other product.

  • LuluH
    LuluH Posts: 2 New Member

    I have had F-secure on my PC for some weeks

    Now installed on my phone with premium paid for one year

    I generate a key on the phone and then type it in on the PC


    The PC says cannot contact server, but also says Synced    WTF


    Nothing coming through on the Phone

  • I have similar problem. Bought Premium from iPhone recently, passwds sync OK to Windows client, but not to Android. Passwds stored to Win & Android do sync to all clients, but iOS passwds only sync to Windows.


    I've reinstalled iOS & Android clients, changed master passwd, paired Android to iOS again after syncing iOS with Win, but didn't get iOS made passwds back to Android client.


    Nexus 7 (2012), Android 4.4.4 (not rooted) with all updates, Key 2.0.16

    Win 7 SP1, 64 bit, Key 1.6.144

    iPhone 5, iOS 8.0.2 (not jailbroken), Key 2.0.36



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