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Check for failed logins on windows clients?

Hi everyone. This is my first post in this forum. I've been using F-secure Client Security Premium and Server Security Premium togheter with Policy manager for about 3 months. My site are running about 1000 clients and 75 servers. 


The other day when I was configuring rules in F-secure policy manager I noticed that under "alert sending"-> "alert forwarding" I can choose to warn on event viewer and system logger with warning level "security alert". What ecxactly does "security alert" in event viewer on an client mean? Is that perhaps failed login attempts on the client? Does anyone know? Thank you in advance. Feels good to finally be apart of this knowledgable forum!

/Dean Y. 

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  • VadVad Posts: 1,048
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    Hello Dean,


    Selecting "Security  Alert" checkbox under "alert sending"-> "alert forwarding" leads to appearing of  F-Secure related events, which are considered as security issues by F-Secure CS/SS product, in event log.

    Examples: virus or spyware is detected by real-time scanner, infections are found by manual scan, etc.

    Failed logins are not handled by Client Security/Server Security, this is a Windows event. So F-Secure alerts will not be generated for such events.


    Best regards,



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