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configuration for this scenario

hi all

I want to setup a configuration as per my customer

this is the sample topoloy















so he wants only PC-1 (in other location) to get the updates from the Policy Manager, and this computer will distribute the updates to the others ?
this is due to bandwidth limitations of the WAN connection,


I just need a guide lines on how to do this ?? and proof that the other computers are getting their updates from PC-1


many thanks,

Best Answer

  • BenBen Posts: 2,640
    Accepted Answer

    To achieve that you need to use neighborcast feature.


    Please refer to the admin guide page 82 for more information.


    Unfortunately you cannot force the end-points to download between each other, but they will do so if they have the latest updates available. This option should in any case reduce the bandwidth used.


    Note that all end points should still be able to reach the Policy Manager server.

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