PSB inconsistency around critical security updates



We're using F-Secure PSB Workstation Security since  early June.


On the 'Home' and 'Computers' tabs it shows 'critical security updates' for several computers.





However, when clicking on "Critical security updates" it shows "there are no missing updates".




On the "Computers" view, it does show the "critical updates", but when browsing to the details of an individual computer, the updates are not critical. That is, they are listed as "security, unclassified" or "non-security".





Is there a way to deal with this  so that PSB classifies these updates correctly on the summary pages?


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  • dasch
    dasch Posts: 6

    Thanks for the response, and I understand what you are saying, but the message on my homepage does not update in any reasonable time (e.g. over several days). The home page says, e.g. "Critical security updates are missing on 4 computers" but on the details page for most of these computers the Software Updates section shows:


    Critical software updates missing
    Last software updates scan: 05/08/14 09:00
    Last installation time: 01/08/14 11:40
    Non-security updates (24)


    Is there some way to tell if the missing updates are actually "critical security updates" or "critical non-security updates" or "non-critical non-security updates"?

  • Dmitriy
    Dmitriy Posts: 212 F-Secure Employee

    If you have only non-security updates missing on your managed computers, the home page shouldn't warn about missing critical updates. Could you open a ticket at and provide more information (ie. the address of PSB portal, your account name, and the version of PSB Workstation Security you are using) so that we could check what might be wrong.

  • I too am having this problem and refreshing the home page no matter how long I wait makes no difference. It has gotten to the point I no longer make an effort to ensure the status reflects reality.

  • Chrissy
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    Hi jakethesnake!

    Just noticed that your issue was never addressed, and I wanted to check in and see if you're still having this problem, or if you've managed to get it solved some how? Please let us know if we can still help!
  • dasch
    dasch Posts: 6

    This issue is reoccurring for us, so I will open a ticket as suggested.

  • We are having the same issue.

    The only difference is that the pcs have all the software installed but I am still getting the info that are missing critical security updates and service packs and non security updates.

  • New partner and am experiencing same issue that others are reporting.  It seems that the updates are installed on Pc's but that the Portal reports that they haven't been.  This results in the Status page on the affected Pc's showing Yellow for Software Updater button.  This is disturbing for clients.

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