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Policy Manager 11.20 offline activation / Activation address



After upgrading from PM 10.1 to 11.20 in high security environment the product validation fails.

So two questions:


1) is there a way to activate it offline?

2) what is the address it is trying to access for validation? It would be very complicated but if there is no other way, we could configure firewalls to allow access to that address.




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  • BenBen Posts: 2,640
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    Hello Jay555,


    1)For high security environments and concerning offline registration, please create a support ticket.


    2)You can find the registration server address in the admin-guide page 14.


    What should I do if registration fails, saying that my customer number could not be validated?
    Check your network configuration to make sure that Policy Manager Server is able to access the F-Secure
    registration server (

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