Are the notes encrypted?

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I use the notes in Key for additional security information e.g. memorable data.  Are these notes encrypted?

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    Hello Sirs!


    No need to apologize for answering questions Ukko, its quite allright. 


    As to the question at hand, yes, the notes are also part of the encrypted data. 




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    Sorry.. that I again answered here. Probably here should be answer by F-Secure Key team with normal explanation and description.




     - In common means...  notes are part of User Data.

     - User Data encrypted totally. I mean - "User Data" - encrypted (it's mean - all information, which here have);

     - Decrypted during access (here potentially can be various situations) for your entry (if we talk about user interface);

    Here I mean - that.. by default.... only "name of entry" visible on main-list. All other should be by "access" (with decrypt-process).


    /OK. Under your topic - have links for related information. Edited/ :) - without so many words.


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    Thank you for your replies but I should have read the FAQ first!

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