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How PMS will handle if we use mac address as host idenfication? is it will register the hosts or consider it as one?



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    Hi Suhadi,


    If the MAC address is same on all of the hosts, and the MAC address was used as Unique ID, then there will be conflicts.


    Please use another method for UID. Currently available methods are:




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    Thanks Jouni for the confirmation and clarification.


    we already deployed 10k++ client security with mac address as unique id. is there any way to change it to the hosts as we sure have problems to find out which one are conflicted.

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    You can reset the host UID using FSMAUTIL (F-Secure Management Agent Utility). One way to do this would be adding a command to user login script. This utility is typically located in the "<program_installpath>\F-Secure\Common" directory.


    FSMAUTIL RESETUID {SMBIOSGUID | RANDOMGUID | WINS | MAC} [APPLYNOW] - Regenerate the host Unique Identity.


    SMBIOSGUID - use SMBIOS GUID as host Unique Identity
    RANDOMGUID - use randomly generated GUID as host Unique Identity
    WINS - use WINS (NetBIOS) name as host Unique Identity
    MAC - use WINS (NetBIOS) name as host Unique Identity
    APPLYNOW - restart F-Secure Management Agent to regenerate the host Unique Identity and take it into use immediately



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    Thanks guys..

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