Category view to make it easier to see tje bug picture?

I have a decent amount of accounts: passwords, pin codes, registration codes and other. More than 150 actually. I would like to browse these in categories. That would help me to see how many accounts of various types have and I could do by-category-management (changing policies eg). A flat list works for searches but not for mental imaging. There are already some nice icons in Key? Could we ger an Optional start screen with just tje icons?


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    Correction: Subject: big picture

    (writing on a phone... small keyboard)
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    Found the answer in another post. Wonderfull :)

    Eagerly waiting for a tag/category system
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    Hi Aimo,


    great that you found your answer!  Would you mind posting a link to that thread for anyone else who stumbles upon this one? Smiley Wink



    // Chrissy

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    I found this post where a flat list is recommended when searching for a password:


    Once you deliver dynamical filtering while typing (not just in Key but also in the ctrl+F2 dropdown list) then password search becomes more enjoyable.


    Another thing:

    A flat list does not solve the following management issues:

    1) "how many discussion forum accounts did I have? Where?"

    or, analogously: "do I have some webshop accounts that I used six years ago but do not use anymore, and that should be cancelled?"


    2)  "let's change all my instant messaging accounts passwords today"


    3)  "am I certainly using strong and new passwords on all my webstore accounts?"


    4) "I have this easy to remember easy to break password on 37 meaningless accounts, but which ones?"


    5) "Where is my weakest password? Or the oldest one?"


      am not asking more than a simple full screen four column flat password sheet grouped by icon, colour, name, site, account/login, password age or password length. Alternatively there could be a tag cloud that would allow me to click on a tag to display a filtered list sorted by some criteria.


    This would help me to get a one glance overview of t he totality of my accounts. It would make it easier to manage accounts (delete unneeded ones, change passwords, assess password strenght (by application), and so on).


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    Sounds like a good idea to me, too, Aimo!

    Perhaps you could suggest this in the Idea Exchange, so other members can vote on it, and our product development team can follow-up on it?





    // Chrissy

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