Do not lock Key when editing [Request]

I want to do not lock Key when editing infomations.


I sometimes lost my new password when editing.


Using: F-Secure Key for Mac version 1.4.158.

Accepted Answer


  • csjDKcsjDK Posts: 50
    I think you can go to settings and change how many minutes before KEY locks.
    The default I believe is 5 minutes, but you can use the slider to increase the number of minutes.
  • AimoAimo Posts: 18

    Could this be 5 minutes of inactivity?


    As long as I stay at the keyboard (half a day), Key could remain open. Once I leave the keyboard, I might want it to autolock in 5 minutes... Just as an idea...

  • csjDKcsjDK Posts: 50
    Hi, come to think about it. I do think it says inactivity in KEY settings. But I'm not around a desktop computer so I can't check.

    I believe I set mine as 30 minutes I inactivity before it auto locks.
  • AimoAimo Posts: 18

    I just set Key to 5 min timeout, and spent some VERY active 5 mins on the web. Key is locked.


    No. It's not time inactive. It's absolute time.


  • UkkoUkko Posts: 3,222 Superuser

    Or... more good to say:


     "it's inactive time with Key UI";


    If you do something with Key  - it's not possible to "lock" (?);

    Last action with Key - five minutes (or other, which available time-setting) - autolock.

  • csjDKcsjDK Posts: 50
    as Ukko said
  • tsukitotsukito Posts: 3
    Thanks for Repling. My lock time is 5mins. It's default setting.

    I mean, Key goes inactive and lock for check mail, and many other activities……

    I don't know whether lock Key absolute time or inactive. But chage minutes is good. I will change setting when I change password.
  • tsukitotsukito Posts: 3

    I set long time and manualy lock I want.


    Thank you.

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