Missing features in F-key

  1. The Notes field should be more Word-like, so I could write and scroll text on more than one line.
  2. A field for entering a link to a home page in which to enter a password, would also be helpful.
  3. Since we all have many different passwords, it feel its limited to have only an alphabetical sort order.
    Why not add a category so that passwords can be grouped. For example: Bank, Car, Hardware, Software, Home etc.
    The Categories should of course not be fixed, but open for each user to add themselves.

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  • Lauri_HLauri_H Posts: 59
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    To answer some of your questions, or somewhat answer them:


    1) Not sure what you mean with word-like, and not sure how it works in the current publicly available version. But anyway, in a new version, coming out pretty soon, it does display the scrollbar in the side if you input more rows than fits the notes section. And multiple rows should fit into it even now, though the scrollbar might be lacking.


    2) There is the url field for it. Soon you will be able to click on the icon of the entry in the password list to even open the url in a browser.


    3) What is the problem you would like to solve with the categories? Personally I just use the search to get whatever I need, it is pretty fast so even if I don't remember what the entry was named as, I can try out couple things it might be. Maybe your usecase differs so that grouping would be a real help, do elaborate. =)





  • 1. Idk your usage but the text field is big enough for me at least :)

    2. +1

    3. +1

  • makanmakan Posts: 18

    3. +1


    for workaound, right now i use [group-name] - [credential id] as name format to make all my entries sort as group


    thank you

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