Can't "Power Up Sync" Because I'm already subscribed

I've been having a lot of problems getting Key working. First, I downloaded it on my MBP because I thought that would be the easiest way to get the passwords entered, but then I found out you can't use a non-mobile device as your master (something aobut subscriptions, seems silly but whatever). So I downloaded it on my iPhone, Powered Up Sync, subscribed to the annual plan... and started getting a message on BOTH devices that my master password had changed, but none of the passwords I entered on either worked to reset them. So I followed the instructions on this post ( to reset the MBP, but the problem persisted. So I deleted the app from my iPhone, reinstalled it, and tried to get going again.  Now, whenever I click on Power Up Sync, it tried to take me through the subscription process again, and if I try to go through it, iTunes tells me I'm already subscribed, and Key doesn't continue, just keeps asking me  "3 months, 12 months, Get it later" so I can't proceed.


Where do I go from here?


  • JuhaTJuhaT Posts: 55 Former F-Secure Employee

    There could be a UI problem here.


    Could you please try following:

    • After being told you are already subscribing, return to the main list view (use back)
    • Open side menu and select connect devices
    • Open the generate synchronization code accordion

    The button SHOULD now say "Generate code" that indicates your sync feature is now unlocked. You can generate synchronization codes that once entered to second device connect these devices to sync group.


    Could you let me know if that worked or if the problem stays?



  • keyuserkeyuser Posts: 3

    This worked the way you stated the very first time, when I actually subscribed - but I had the issue where all my devices were complaining about my Master Password being different.  I thought a fresh install might fix it, but now I'm getting the issue where "Generate synchronization code" won't change from "Power Up Sync" to "Generate Code".  I tried the steps you listed and still no dice.  


    It seems to me that there is an issue with the mobile app that doesn't handle the case of a new install with an existing subscription.

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    Existing subscription should be restored automatically, but obviously something goes wrong here. Could you please try re-installing and generating a sync code again? And if the problem continues, it would greatly help if you could send us application logs right after the failed attempt. Sending logs happens by going to the 'About' page and tapping the version string several times in a row and then tapping 'Send'.

    Also, if you still have the MBP installation that was once synced, you should be able to generate a sync code from there and enter it to the iPhone. There's no actual master-slave setup between the devices, so it doesn't matter where the sync code is generated.

  • keyuserkeyuser Posts: 3

    Logs sent.  sheep flower nation market.

  • HeikkiHHeikkiH Posts: 3



    Apologies for the long delay in replying to this.


    We see "Cannot connect to iTunes Store" in the logs which indicates a general problem in the app store connection. Can you access the App Store otherwise normally? And is you device time (Settings -> General -> Date & Time) on automatic setting?

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    I'm having the same problem on my iPad: appstore shows subscription active, Power Up Sync button won't change to Generate Code. AppStore working fine, tried reinstalling Key app and rebooting iPad, now out of ideas. Sent log, music party hat melon. Pls help!
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    Well, I solved it by cancelling my subscription in the appstore and subscribing thru GooglePlay store instead, generating a sync code on my android phone. Am now synched and all is well.
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    In this case the error code in logs indicates a "cancellation of payment". Not sure why that was being returned, but could you please describe in detail how did the app behave when you tried to power up sync? I.e. were there any app store dialogs or logins, how long did you wait for anything to happen, etc...


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