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Any way to automatically backup my F-Secure KEY entries, or do I have to manually export?



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  • Lauri_HLauri_H Posts: 59
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    If you are a premium user with multiple devices, you are already sort of backupped on your other devices. This is the preferred way, if you lose and get a new device, you can just install the product and add it into the synching from an existing device. If you just use it on a single device then you have couple of manual options. 


    1) Export and save the file in a safe place. The problem is you end up having cleartext passwords. 


    2) Zip up the local storage and keep that in a safe place. The passwords are stored as crypted, which is nice. Then if your computer explodes, just re-install the product and replace the local storage with the one you had stored.  ( and by ocal storage i mean the LocalStorage directory)


    On windows machines, local storage is something like:



  • JanneJanne Posts: 27

    Thanks for answering. I was thinking about premium but I cant find where to get it?


    Is there a limit on devices it can be used on?


    Will it work with one subscription on:


    3x Windows 7/8.1 devices.

    2x Android (tab and phone).

  • Lauri_HLauri_H Posts: 59

    Currently the only way to purchase the premium is to have an android or ios device and buy it via the appstore. The process of buying the premium is surely documented in detail somewhere, but basically:


    1) Install on android device

    2) Click in the upper left corner to open the menu.

    3) Select connect devices

    4) Generate synch code should direct you to the in-app purchase if you are not premium user yet.


    Then generate synch code, input it on the pc ( it only lives for a minute, so be hasty) . You will need to do this for all your devices ( you can then generate synch codes on your pc too). And if you already have your passwords on your pc, you will get them on your android ( and other devices).


    And yes, with one subscription you can have all your ( supported) devices in the same synch group. 

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