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AV for MS Exhange big problem



I caused a mess when doing a manual scan on my Exchange Server. I had accidently put stip attachemnts setting to "Unsafe Files" which has caused that all mailboxes have been stripped of practically all attachements.


Is there any way to "undo" this operation. I am capable to release content from quarantine but because of the huge amount of attachemnts linked to files with severeal maiboxes this just doenst help much.


So... is there any way I could release all attachements to their original messages to original mailboxes?


If not... what action would you recommend to minimize the harm to users?

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  • MikaKMikaK Posts: 22 F-Secure Product Expert
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    Unfortunately this can happen if manual scanning Strip Attachments has been enabled. By default it is disabled.


    We do not have UNDO however, you can release all stripped attachments from the quarantine if you have been set to quarantine stripped attachments. Note that even MS Outlook is not able to link attachment to the original email you are able to link them based on the email subjects which are the exactly same in the original and the email released from the quarantine :)


    One thing also jump into my mind is that if you have Mailbox level backup running on MS Exchange server you have possibility to get back to the point before you started the manual scanning.


  • klauzserklauzser Posts: 44

    It seems like you have to work on it from start since there is no such option for undoing what you just did. Will check on other options and to enable strip attachments. image

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