Word opening from asp page Not work after upgrade Anti-virus from 9.32 to 10

We just upgrade from 9.32 to 10


We have a custom program to load a html into Word for printing receipt


so far, OK running under 9.32


however, after upgrade version 10, the Word will fail after opening 1st receipt.


We need to reboot the computer for printing another receipt.


Now i only to remove f-secure program for printing receipt.


Any help please.  thx.

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  • VadVad Posts: 1,039
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    Hello TWONG,


    We have an issue in Client Security 10.00 which can cause your problem with html.

    The hotfix for this issue will be published on F-Secure website in the nearest future.

    You can also request it form our support right now. Just ask for Client Security 10.00 hotfix 1.


    If it doesn't help, please, provide fsdiag collected by F-Secure Support tool to support for furhter investigation.


    Best regards,



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