Silent installation of Policy Manager 10


Does anybody have instructions for this?


I can install the Console ok however the Policy Manager Server comes up asking for a Customer Number and a Password

Can anybody provide me instructions where in the ProdSett.ini file i need to put these parameters in.





  • MJ-perComp
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    when installing the PM the setup of PM10 asks for these values.

    There is no need to put any settings into prodset.INI and it is recommended not to modify anything.


    What are you trying to do?




  • I am trying to run the installation silently so that i can deploy it through SCCM.


    Basically have extracted the Setup.exe and run with /silent and it works for the console install but not for the Management Console



  • MJ-perComp
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    Still not getting the point here!


    What do you mean by  "it works for the console install" but not for "Management Console" ?


    The Policy manager is only installed once on one system!

    And you do that from command line/GUI.

    So why would you try to distribute it using any SMS?


    The values you asked about are stored inside the created H2DB.



  • So i have extracted the Setup.exe from the downloaded installation.


    By running this Setup.exe with a /silent switch i can install the console silently.


    i wish to install the Manager the same way.


    I can find the variables for the Version 9 installation but not version 10


  • MJ-perComp
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    These are settings that you can use to install the point applications (e.g. Client Security) but neither the PMC nor the PMS.


  • Peter
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    As Matthias already pointed out, the document indeed is for the silent configuration of the end-point protection installers like Client Security and currently PM setup doesn't support silent installation by reading installation related settings from prodsett.ini.

    May we ask, what the use case here is with using SCCM? Even large deployments can be managed by just one (or a few) PMS servers and Remote Desktop can be used to install these without too much pain.

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