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Client Security 9 series End-of-Life



I read on the "Supported products page" that CS 9.32 will be end-of-life on the 06.02.2014, i.e. in about 9 months.


Since we´re about to start a big "upgrade project" I would like to "double check" that this is about the _whole_ 9 series from 9.00 up to 9.32, correct?


None of these versions will be supported any longer?


Also, I have another question regarding the table on the page mentioned above:


What does the column "Service pack release", "Security Hotfixes" and "Non-security Hotfixes" mean, that the version _is_ a service pack release and  _contains_  hotfixes?


Or, that there are hotfixes _available_ for this version? 


Just want to make sure. Smiley Happy



Thanks and regards,



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  • DmitriyDmitriy Posts: 212
    Accepted Answer

    Hi JC,


    You've got it right. F-Secure will cease supporting the whole 9 series (i.e. from version 9.00 to 9.32) after February 6th 2014.


    Regarding the Service pack and hotfixes columns, those indicate that F-Secure will release service packs and hotfixes only for product versions with 'Yes' mark in there. Usually, security hotfixes are made for all supported versions, but service packs and non-security hotfixes are made only for latest versions.


    Hope this helps,



  • J-CJ-C Posts: 46
    Accepted Answer
    Thank you Dmitriy.

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