my hard drive has almost filled up overnight

I read some of the posts on the previous F secure forum website about this problem but am getting stuck.


I went to try to use the fsaua-reset.exe and a small screen popped up with the message:


Are you sure you want to reset Automatic Update Agent and Server? (Y/N)


What do I do here (I hit the 'Y' key and nothing happens)


Any posts on here that can help.


  • MJ-perComp
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    Maybe you should first find out with WHAT your HDD got filled up by before running some cleaning software.


    Then what version are you using?


    And are you running fsaua-rest with Admin Righs?



  • I ran WinDirStat which reported of an 80GB HD,


    56.9% was filled with Program Files


    of which


    64.5% was F-Secure


    of which


    94.9% was FSAUA.PM


    of which


    99.9% was data


    of which


    100% was db


    of which


    61.5% was 4320652


    and 15.5% was 4320651


    there are also in the db folder other about 10 other folder of similar title (eg 4320595) containing files sizes from 116MB to 778MB


    What are these db files?

  • Peter
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    Are you sure about the folder name? Policy Manager (PM) has a folder FSAUS.PM hosting the "F-Secure Automatic Update Server" but FSAUA.PM does not ring a bell...

    Meaning the workstation has Policy Manager installed. To answer your question, the folders with numbers in their names contain different databases as downloaded by PM and provided to connecting hosts running our products like Client Security.


    F-Secure folder now uses about 29 Gb which is not to be expected.

    Should you be running Policy Manager on the system?

  • Jayson
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    Hi MJonline,


    Please provide us the following informations:

    1. Which Windows OS you have?

    2. Which F-Secure Program you have? Internet Security/Client Security/Policy Manager & etc?


    Best Regards,



    F-Secure Community Moderator

  • F-Secure Anti Virus for Windows Serves 8.01 build 207


    Windows XP

  • MJ-perComp
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    @MJonline wrote:

    F-Secure Anti Virus for Windows Serves 8.01 build 207


    Windows XP

    This is not possible!


    on an XP you do not have AV for Servers and with AV for Servers you do not have FSAUS.PM.


    So I expect that you have a Windows Server with F-Secure Policy Manager and F-Secure Anti-Virus installed

    Please post a screenshot from "software" to confirm.


    If you have Policy Manager installed, which version?

    If Version 9 then install the Hotfix or even better upgrade to PM10!


    Finally a value of 7 to 15GB just for the db-folder is normal. currently the largest folders I have is at 385 MB (...\db\yyyyyyy\xx) but the numbers are constanly raising and I expect the value to reach 500 MB by end of 2011.


    The total size depends on the number of updates F-Secure sent out in the last 7 days!


    What exact size is your db folder?

    Does it still increase?




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