FS won't let me read an email

When I try to open an old email FS start to open it but then opens an error window in front saying that there is a problem with the sites security certificate (which is just out of date).

It gives options to proceed or not, but ignores these and the only way to proceed is to use task manager to kill the process.


  • Jayson
    Jayson Posts: 595

    Hi welsh,

    Much appreciate if you could provide us more detail, for example a nice and clear screenshot of error message and product name would help us better understand the issue.

    Best Regards,

  • welsh
    welsh Posts: 5


    I am using O Express and trying to view an old message that I have previously viewed.


    FS Image2.jpg

  • AndyT
    AndyT Posts: 33

    Please verify the time and date on the machine is that on the correct?

  • welsh
    welsh Posts: 5

    Yes both are correct

  • Well, certificates use date and time, so, if you've got wrong time and date set at your computer - then this problem will be
  • welsh
    welsh Posts: 5

    They are both correct  as in previous reply

  • So, problem is solved now??

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