Announcement: New Knowledge Base

4 June 2020: We are pleased to announce the launch of a new Knowledge Base, Changelogs for Business Security Products, where you can find more details, such as bugfixes or new features, about the most recent releases of our business-related products.

Postings under this topic

This is really directed at the Forum Admins.


There are a number of really useful threads under this forum topic which would be better placed under End-Point Security and I only found out about them by accident!


Would it not be prudent for the Forum Admin to relocate these to their appropriate topic so that the rest of us can find problems, discussions, solutions, etc a lot easier when just browsing the main forum/topic?


You could just move the thread and present the original posting with a redirected link so that the original poster can find it.


Just a suggestion, as an active member of this community, which I believe will help others.


Many thanks.


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