F-Secure KEY to end by August 31, 2021

Jaims Posts: 857 Community Manager
edited June 30 in F-Secure KEY

As most of us would have known, the support for F-Secure KEY will end on August 31, 2021 and after that date, the product will stop receiving important updates and fixes. We encourage you to move to F-Secure ID PROTECTION and take full advantage of the new features for identity theft prevention.

Existing valid subscriptions will continue synchronizing after this date. However, an OS change may break its functionality and it won't receive updates anymore, so customers are strongly encouraged to move to ID PROTECTION. It may also not be installable from store if need to reinstall, and won't receive fixes to vulnerabilities either.

Please pay attention to the notification on your F-Secure KEY app upon log in, notifying you of the need to migrate to ID Protection on or before the said date and follow the instructions to move to ID Protection.



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