Notification about F-Secure system extension not allowed on Mac

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Since the latest update to F-Secure Elements EPP for Computers a new system extension is needed:

  1. Yet the portal shows that everything is great and green. Why is this extension needed if it's absence is not shown in the portal?
  2. Is there a way to get a notification about this so I would know to allow it?
  3. Can you add information about system extensions that need to be allowed to realease notes of new versions of the products?

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  • Jamesch
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    Regarding your issue, we need to investigate further. Please submit a support case with FSDiag -

    About questions 2) and 3)

    We do not add any new system extensions, so there is no need to mention them in any release notes. If that message wasn't there before (assuming you had a more or less recent version and it automatically upgraded), it shouldn't be there after the upgrade as well and it's an issue.


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