Protecting Exchange Server i dont get it

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i'm new to F-Secure and i'm searching my way through the F-Secure Language.

I opended a Ticket but i don't have the feeling beeing understand or i do not understand.

I'd like to protect a Exchangeserver. What is the current Product for that.

Ive been told that if i was using "E-Mail- and Server Security " and like to use it further i could replace it with the Standalone Version.

Could/should/would?!?! I was not using it nor do i know if i like to use it further. If this is the old technology and there is a new one, no i don't like to use it on a fresh installation. Of course i'd like the newest Solution.

In the cloud portal i was offered a Downloadversion from 2016!!! very confusing

I tried this "standalone installer 15" which i got from Support, but it doesnt show up in the cloud portal. Again i'm thinking that this is old technology.

Next question: If the "Standalone Installer 15" is current, do I have to install "Server Protection and Rapid Detection & Response" ADDITIONALY? for this server to show up in ther cloud Portal?

I was reading for hours but was turning in circles. Is there a Dacument with the "Big Picture" or "Best practice"?

Would be nice if someone coud light up my darkness

Thank you


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    Hi Odi

    Please reply my personal message in your inbox and share me your ticket number from support. Do not share the ticket number here.

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    Unfortumnately if i click on your message for that i can reply, your message will not open.

    Maybe because i'm a new user?

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    Please share your ticket number in this post. I will remove it after.

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    edited May 25

    Here it is: xxxxxxx

    Thank you

  • jameschjamesch Posts: 284 Moderator

    My colleague is already handling the case. We will continue from there.

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