MacBook Air 2020 with 10.15.7 suddenly loses internet connection

Set up a new computer today and installed the latest F-Secure CP & RDR software (17.8). Was about to install Adobe Creative Cloud and the internet connection died (network settings reported everything was alright). Every other device on the network was working, so it was somthing with this device. I restarted the Macbook and the internet connection was back. Continued the Adobe CC install and again the connection died. I started to suspect F-Secure, ran the uninstaller and now the Macbook could resolve hosts again. I'm pretty sure I gave all the needed permissons for all F-Secure components.

I guess it's something to do with the network filtering? How do I troubleshoot this?


  • wm_mattiaswm_mattias Posts: 11 New Member

    Just got the same problem with my main Macbook Pro 2014 with 10.15.7. Uninstalled F-Secure and the internet was back. This is a bad trend...

  • kukushechkinkukushechkin Posts: 22 F-Secure Employee

    @wm_mattias do you have any MDM profile installed, especially with System Extension preferences?

    Please, contact customer support, refer to this topic and provide:

    1. fsdiag
    2. screenshot of Network prefpane
    3. output of "sudo profiles show" from

    We've just released a new version of Computer Protection with Network System Extension support and investigating reports of incompatibilities with MDM solutions.

  • wm_mattiaswm_mattias Posts: 11 New Member

    @kukushechkin On the Macbook Air there were Jamf profiles installed, but on the Macbook Pro no profiles are installed. I'm installing the software on the Macbook Pro again, I'll contact support with the information above if I can reproduce the problem.

  • MonikaLMonikaL Posts: 179 Moderator

    Hi Mattias,

    Development team are aware about the issue, and current workaround is:

    1. Uninstall the PSB Computer Protection for Mac

    2. Restart the machine.

    3. Reinstall the software.

    4. Click allow F-Secure to filter network content and new System extension when prompted.

    Remove the following file and try the uninstallation again:


    This will require root permissions. If the uninstallation still fails, use this command.

    sudo /usr/local/f-secure/bin/uninstall_MacProtection

  • wm_mattiaswm_mattias Posts: 11 New Member

    Hi @MonikaL,

    Thanks for your answer, but I'm a bit confused what the workaround is. By the instructions given it looks like the workaround is to uninstall the software, which I obviously already have done. I reinstalled the software a couple of minutes ago, but there is no /usr/local/f-secure/fsmac/sysconfig/.no_uninstall file to remove. And the uninstaller works just fine.

  • MonikaLMonikaL Posts: 179 Moderator

    Hi Mattias,

    As you are able to uninstall and reinstall the software, I hope you would have clicked the option "allow F-Secure to filter network content and new System extension" when prompted.

    In case the issue persists, we would require the diagnostic information from the affected client machine to check the scenario. Please provide this information to support, and we will investigate further.

  • wm_mattiaswm_mattias Posts: 11 New Member

    Hi @MonikaL,

    I did allow it all the times I were prompted.

    I already had an ongoing support case, and I was notified about the 17.10 update. That update seems to have solved the issue.

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