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Hello, I'm trying to port forward the port 25565 on our SENSE to the port 25565 on a local machine (yes it's for a Minecraft server), but everytime I, my friend, or canyouseeme.org tries to ping it or connect to it using the IP I get from a search for "Ip", and using the port "25565", the error message "Timed out" pops up.

What's up with this? Tell me if you need any more information.


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    Hi @EHR

    You need not to port forward on the DSL modem. At the same time, please be aware it’s quite common for DSL internet service provider to provide an all-in-one device, a combination DSL modem+router.  In that case, you can usually better off to place the DSL modem+router in “bridge mode” which effectively disables the router features and demotes it to just a modem.  You will then check again the Port forwarding with F-Secure SENSE

    Sometime the firewall could have some kind of blocks on ICMP traffic. Even if you have port forwarding setup correctly, there are couple things to watch out for. Make sure you open those same ports on any local firewalls, such the one provided by Windows or any third party anti-malware you may have installed (e.g., Norton, McAfee).

    Also, there is possibility some ISP's blocks certain ports. If that’s happening, it obviously won’t work whatever you do with your own firewall(s) as the traffic is being filtered out upstream. You might need to temporarily connect to the ISP without a SENSE router and local firewall (if any) disabled to confirm if this is the case.



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    Dear @EHR

    Sorry for late answer.

    We are currently analyzing your question, and will come back to you as soon as possible with the answer.



  • EHREHR Posts: 4 New Member

    Thank you for looking into this @DawidFS , I'm waiting for a response.

  • SethuSethu Posts: 654 Moderator

    Hi @EHR

    Did you assign a static IP address in the device that you are forwarding a port to?

    If no, we recommend that you set up a static IP address in the device that you are forwarding a port to. This ensures that the ports remain open even after your device restarts.

    Please refer this KB article and this KB article to know more how to assign static IP and port forwarding in right way.

  • EHREHR Posts: 4 New Member

    Thank you for the help, but unfortunately, this didn't help at all. The same problem is still persisting.

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    Hi @EHR

    There are few things that you need to check for that particular issue;

    1. Make sure that all ports used by the application are correct. You can confirm this with the vendor.
    2. Make sure that the port forwarding for all ports are done correctly as stated in this KB Article.

    It would good if you can check the documentations related to that application and confirm the actual port(s) used.

  • EHREHR Posts: 4 New Member

    I have done all that now. Not even pinging the external IP works from outside networks. Could it be that I need to portforward on the modem too?

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