Sense App with new features

Can you say something new about a new Sense Router App that will have the same features as the Sense App?

Are there plans for the beginning of next year?

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    Hello @ZCM 


    Please find the update from our SENSE team below:


    As explained here,  the SENSE router and SENSE SDK are two different products, sold via different channels.


    The SENSE router solution is sold to consumers directly. It is based on our own HW product and sold as part of the TOTAL offer which is our award winning endpoint protection product.

    SENSE SDK, as the name implies, is a software development kit actually and it is offered to router makers and internet service providers, that in turn will offer the solution based on the SDK to their broadband subscribers.


    As these are two different products the feature sets are a bit different as well, even though the basic idea for the connected home security is very similar in both.


    The SENSE SDK based solution will be offered by select internet service providers and router makers. See our first public reference here.


    The feature set for this solution may vary even per service provider, as, for example, some service providers may provide the solution with their own app and they may choose to add more features to that.


    We unfortunately cannot predict whether a service provider would launch this service in your area anytime soon and whether you would be already their broadband subscriber or you’d want to become one.


    Do contact your service provider though and ask for this if you are interested in this kind of a solution from your service provider.


    As for the SENSE router solution, we keep selling and maintaining the SENSE router offer the same way as before.


    We have regular firmware updates and app updates as well. Your SENSE router and the service behind it will keep on protecting your connected home for many years to come.


    We are selectively evaluating feature candidates and see whether we could launch those on the SENSE router solution or on the SENSE SDK based solution or on both solutions.


    We currently can’t give any further details as to what features will be coming on what solution but we’ll announce new features if/when they launched.


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    Hello @ZCM 


    Our Sense team is actively update all the newly added feature in this page and also can be found in this KB article.

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    My question refers to post " SENSE SDK vs. SENSE Router" in which the question was asked about the features of the Sense app, which is currently only available for the 3rd party routers.

  • SethuSethu Posts: 565

    Hello @ZCM 


    I will check this information with our internal team and update you here soon.

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