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How to add new licenses on top of my existing license for policy manager business suite?

Hi All,


I have existing business suite licenses. I have purchased additional new licenses. How do i insert this license key into policy manager (basically how it works?) thank you



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  • A-GrinkevitchA-Grinkevitch Posts: 161
    Accepted Answer

    Hi JC09,
    You enter Client Security license only at product installation. You do not need to adjust anything at Policy Manager side, it will update information automatically.




  • Hi JC09,

    What licenses did you have and which you purchased?




  • JC09JC09 Posts: 3



    I am using business suite license existing and i want to add on client security license. How do i go about it? 


    Will it automatically update when policy manager reach out to the update server? Thank you

  • JC09JC09 Posts: 3

    That is great. thank you!

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