Windows Server 2019 / Exchange 2019 with VM



we planed to install a new Server with new hardware.


We will install Windows Server 2019 local on the machine, and than we will use 2 VMs.


1 VM Windows Server 2019: AD, Fileserver, Printserver, Database for Apps.

2 Vm Windows Server 2019 with Exchange 2019


Is this correct, that i will install the PM on VM1, and only install the Server Security 14 on VM1?

On VM2 should install Server and Email Security 12.12?

Must i install the Server Security on the local installed Windows Server 2019, too?



regards Manuel.


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  • jameschjamesch Posts: 159 Moderator
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    Hi Manuel


    It is best practice to protect the host as well, so we suggest to install Server Security on the local Windows Server 2019 too.


    Local Windows Server 2019 - install SS 14

    VM #1 - install PM 14.20 and SS 14

    VM #2 - install ESS 12.12


  • Hi Jamesch,


    thx for the answer.

    i saw that the ESS 12.12 don't  support the Exchange 2019.


    Is there a newer version out yet?


    regards manuel

  • jameschjamesch Posts: 159 Moderator

    Hi Manuel


    No ETA on newer version, but we do have a latest build of ESS 12.12 which supports Exchange 2019.
    Please let me know if you want that, and I will send the link through private message.
  • Hi, yes please send me a Link.




    regards Manuel

  • jameschjamesch Posts: 159 Moderator

    Hi Manuel


    Please check your messages. I have sent you the link for ESS12.12 standard

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