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Already installed Windows-Update shown as missing critical Update



I'm administrating the security software in our company and in the panel it shows the critical Windows-Update KB4506991 (July Cumulative Update for .NET Framework) missing eventhough the individual update history on the PCs show that it is already installed (as is the August Version by now).


So if the F-Secure Software-Updater trys to install it again it obviously fails, producing the red critical update missing warning. By now the problem exists on almost every PC in our company so the overview showing critical updates missing on X computers has become pretty much useless.


Is there a possibility to delete the update from the list of critical updates in the F-Secure panel? I already wrote to the Support but havent't heard back yet and I doubt that we are the only ones having the problem, so someone maybe already now how to fix it.


Thank you in advance


  • Hi,


    Seems that your database of missing updates is a bit outdated. We indeed had a scenario that could cause such behavior: software updater still reports that some update is missing but in real life it is not. If I'm right, such behavior should be resolved once you've got updated to the latest version of our product (19.6 as for now).


    If update to the latest version did not help, then it will be a good idea to collect a diagnostic information from one of problematic machine with help of F-Secure Support Tool and attach this file to the support case. And please mention in the support case that update to the latest version did not help.


    Best Regards, Dmitrii.

  • Hello Dimitrii.


    Thanks for your answer. The installed Version was 19.6. all along.


    I get the feeling, that installing the follow up cumulative update KB4511555 for .NET Framework triggers the Problem. This Update can only be installed since a few days and before that everything was fine, eventhough the now shown as missing update was released over a month ago. So maybe still a problem with an outdated F-Secure database only that I have no way to update it since the newest version is already installed or maybe there just is no up to database yet?


    I will try your tip with the Support Tool.

  • Hi Revil,


    @Revil wrote:

    This Update can only be installed since a few days and before that everything was fine, eventhough the now shown as missing update was released over a month ago.

    Well, if so then it does not look like an outdated database problem. Now I think that a better idea will be to collect not only diagnostic information with our tool, but a bit more logs about your operating system with help of DPDTrace log tool (here is the instruction how to do this: This tool is developed by our partner.


    Send both of the logs to our support team, it will help us to detect the real rootcause of the problem.


    Thank you and Best Regards, Dmitrii.

  • I've send the files and will wait for a reply from the support team now.

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