F-Secure Key nach Windows neu Installation reaktivieren

Wie kann ich mein F-Secure Key nach Windows Neuinstallation wieder aktivieren. Fehlermeldung: Der Gutschein ist nicht gültig. Dieser Code wurde bereits verwendet oder ist abgelaufen. Gekauft am 14.01.2019, ein Jahr Vertrag, beim EDV-Buchversand


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    Hello @ThorLion 


    F-Secure KEY Premium is an additional service in F-Secure KEY that allows you to connect devices and sync your KEY data. The voucher code for F-Secure KEY Premium is one time useable.


    Do you  have any other devices synced with your existing or old phone? If yes, you can sync your passwords through the other device. Click here to know more about how to sync data from other device.


    If you have no other devices that synced or lost, there is no alternate way to restore the password data. However, you can reach our F-Secure Support and provide them purchase invoice to get a new reclaim voucher for KEY Premium.



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    Hello @ThorLion 


    Thank you for posting your query, our F-Secure community currently focusing only English and Finish language. Could you please post you query in English or Finish?

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    How can I reactivate my F-Secure Key after reinstalling Windows? Error message:
    The voucher is not valid. This code has already been used or has expired.
    Bought on 14.01.2019, one year contract, when EDV-Buchversand. Translated to Google, I can not speak English Greetings from Hamburg ThorLion
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