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Software Updater Error

Hello, Hope someone can help

When installing a new client (client security premium 13.11) i import the machine into the correct folder in the policy manager i then get an alert to say the cannot update the sheduled task.


Date: 2019-04-15 14:38:03+01:00

Host: xxxxxx.xxxxx (, fe80::8c66:fa40:d88d:7eba%18) Computer name: yyyyyy User account: SYSTEM

Product: F-Secure Software Updater (OID:

Severity: error (3)

Message: Could not update scheduled task


I cannot find any logs, any help i would be greatful.







  • VadVad Posts: 1,044

    Hello John,


    We will need diagnostic information from affected client machine for investigation. Please, contact support.


    Best regards,


  • Johnny_MJohnny_M Posts: 5

    Thanks Will do !



  • Johnny_MJohnny_M Posts: 5

    Thanks Vad - Call ref



    EDIT: Removed Case number

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