iPhone app's event log not updating reliably anymore?



Should the event log part of the iPhone app still work? Up until September 2018 the threat log blocked shady websites quite actively, but after that, ZERO times. Is that normal?


Also, the System tab of the event log shows the last firmware update was October 2018, and the only "new device was added" for this year is on March 2019, even though I have surely added a bunch of devices after and before that.


I like the F-Secure Sense as a product due to it combining security and ease-of-use, but it seems the product is dying, which is a bummer.


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    Hello @SecuKone 


    Yes, we can confirm that F-secure sense event log should work on your iOS. Can I have the website you are trying to access? because the incorrect website rating/ blocking is a result of F-secure automated analysis system. If  someone already reported the website to F-secure virus lab, the manaul analysis shows nothing harmful for the website that we change it to " Marked as safe" in our internal system.


    About Fireware update, please do manual check of firmware version for F-secure sense to ensure the latest one updated already. To do so: F-secure Sense app> More( Botton right corner)>Setttings> Hardware> Security firmware.


    Thank you very much for the kind words and your positive feedback.

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    Hey, thanks for the reply.  What I meant was:


    1) When I look at the Event Log / Threats page on my iPhone, the last entry is from "14 Sep 2018", but up until that, there was an event almost every couple of days. After that, there has been none. Surfing & browsing is working fine currently, i.e. I have no site that cannot be accessed, but the sudden total stop in threat events in the log is suspicious to me - of course it's possible that the whole family stopped trying to access anything that could be a considered "threat" on September 14, but it seems unlikely to me. :)


    2) When I look at the Event Log / System page, there's one "firmware updated" on "2 Oct 2018", and after that one single "new device was added" on "16 Mar 2019", but I'm 100% sure I have added multiple new devices after October.


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    Hello @SecuKone 


    May I ask you try the Soft Reset for F-secure Sense and check again?

  • SecuKoneSecuKone Posts: 4

    I now did a soft reset as instructed. It looks like the event log now logs each new device as expected.


    But, the threat log is not logging anything. If I go to a shady website, the Sense will block me and show me a web page saying so, but the event is not added to the threat log. If you want to try it yourself, at least the restaurant site www . savellys . fi has been taken over by some malware and Sense will block it. 

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    I tested that website and Sense blocked it was in the log also, so working fine for me.


    Did you try uninstalling and then re-installing the Sense app to your phone?

  • SecuKoneSecuKone Posts: 4

    I didn't delete app, but I followed the soft reset procedure, which includes going to the iOS Settings / Sense and choosing the Reset / Clear Data option, which is close.


    I guess cleanly deleting and reinstalling the app could have a different outcome, but I wouldn't want to name all the 25+ devices in our household again right now, as I just did that after cleaning the data. Might try that later when I have the energy, but would be nicer to see an app update that would take care of this for me. Smiley Wink

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