Patch Tuesday April 2019

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Ever since the last April 2019 Patch Tuesday, F-Secure has bricked 2008R2, 2012R2 and 2016 servers in our production and test environments.


It has caused them to slow to a crawl and become completely unstable.


Any idea on a fix from F-Secure?


Running F-Secure Server Security 12.12.104v3 and 12.12.104


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    Could you be able to test on a computer if performance and stability is better with F-Secure 14.00 for Windows File Servers?

    (Regrettably it is still in Beta version, so only F-Secure partners can access the installation package. Maybe your reseller / local partner could help with that?)


    Best regards: Tamas Feher, Hungary.

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    Hello whatiswimayneve,


    Do you have the hotfixes for Server Security 12.12 installed on your servers?

    You can find them on our website:


    Best regards,


  • I'll reach out to them today and see if they can get us access to it. Thanks for the info.

  • F-Secure Server Security Standard 12.x FSAV Hotfix
    F-Secure Server Security Standard 12.x FSGKHS Hotfix
    F-Secure Server Security Standard 12.12 FSMA Hotfix

    Are all applied.
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