F-Secure Sense(win 10) 17.5 updates failed after 5.4.2019

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Updates failed after weekend(again),any workaround ?

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    -Fsua-tool did not help,had to reinstall F-secure sense 17.5(win)

    -F-Secure uninstallation tool: no option available to uninstall F-Secure sense

    -Complete reinstallation did the trick,root cause of the symptom still unknown



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    Any updates on this one?

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    Hello @JOnes 

    Please try run the FSAUA Reset tool on your machine in where sense app has failed to install the updates. This will delete all the downloaded update modules from the machine and makes the computer re-download the updates. This is to make sure that the updates are not corrupted or malfunctioning


    Click here to download the FSAUA tool.


    You should run it as administrator. Wait until it finishes. Then wait for the machine to re-download the updates and then you can see whether the updates are installed.

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    Instead of offering me the obvious and ususally the only (well known) tool(with uninstallation tool)  for recovering from error situations,you could find out the root cause of the situation by opening a ticket and asking for output of F-Secure Sense support tool in order to resolve the cause.In the long run it may improve the quality of the product.Specially in cases  like this where "nothing has been done",but update prosesses are broken...

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    F-Secure uninstallation tool has option to uninstall F-Secure Sense when you choose the option "choose what to uninstall" at least for me it shows Sense on the list.

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    Yep,my FsUninstallatiotool.exe was obsolete,latest version found sense ok.sorry

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