Creating Firewall Rule for Remote Desktop in FS14.02



I wnat to create firewall rule for clients 14.02 like that the client should be taken on remote by the specific PC in the sub-domain. Please advice which rule I should create for the same.


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    Not sure if I understand your question.

    you can switch the assigned profile by autoselect. So when the Laptop goes online in a remote office a different profile can become active.

    But usually remote and HQ should be happy with the office profile as outbound traffic is allowed.




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    Thanks for the reply.


    I want to create firewall rule in FSPM for the clients in such a way that the clients can be taken on remote by central office only not from other office. Our clients are situated far away from our central office. Further, we are on Intranet not on Internet.  

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    in your cloned profile add a rule like this:


    where "" must be replaced by the IPs of the Admin-PCs that shall be allowed to access the remote hosts.

    Test with "Any remote host" first, then restrict to the helpdesk PCs.



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