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I installed proxy on server and attached some Computer Protection clients to that proxy. Everything worked fine until todat that user said that F-Secure is blocking the app that actually is white listes in the profile. I checked that client and the excluded list was empty, in Computer Prontection the update server was not proxy, it was I manually clicked to update the client, it downloaded software and then connected back to proxy... what could be the reason?

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    Hello @DiAmi 


    Please make sure the settings from the KB article if  you are using F-secure Endpoint proxy. Or if you are using HTTP proxy,  you need to configure the proxy address in Remotely Managed option in order to receive the automatic update successfully.


    To configure,  open F-secure PSB portal> profiles> Profile name under CP for windows> Automatic Updates under General settings>Select Remotely managed from the drop down menu for Use HTTP proxy>Enter you proxy address in Remotely managed proxy address. Use the following format to define the address and Click Save and Publish:

    http://[user[: password]@]host: port, for example:
    http://[email protected]
    http://johndoe:[email protected]

    NOTE: User name and password are optional.


    For app blocking issue:  We need you to contact F-secure support further assistance, before that please ensure the followings steps performed correctly:


    1. Logon to PSB portal.
    2. Click on the Profiles on the sidebar.
    3. Select the profile that you are going to add the whitelisting in DeepGuard.
    4. Add the whitelisting using SHA1 hash of the application executable, under Real-time scanning > DeepGuard > DeepGuard protection rules


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