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F-Secure Proxy



Have a question about F-Secure Endpoint protection proxy. In our managed network we have some branch offices in different locations that all clients use same F-Secure profile and we use EMEA PSB portal for Policy Manager. Now I would like to install proxy at one branch office (Location A). Is it so that if I assign proxy IP to the profile, all clients from other locations (B, C and D) will try to connect to the proxy? Is it possible to do some exlusions or should I create a separate profile for each location?


Many Thanks!


  • ByteTeamByteTeam Posts: 20

    Hello DiAmi,


    Thank you for your question.

    Yes, the way to resolve this case is to create a separate profile with its own proxy IP for each location.


    Best regards,

    Team Byte

  • DiAmiDiAmi Posts: 14

    But is it possible to configure profile in such way that it will use the closest proxy? 

    I am asking bacause in our case a lot users are moving between two locations? For instance a user from location A will visit location B and he will be automatically connected to the proxy on B location not A?

  • ByteTeamByteTeam Posts: 20

    No, it is not possible yet. Though this exact feature you are describing is planned to be implemented in the future.


    Best regards,

    Team Byte

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