How can I print my password. I need to have them in my banksaftey?



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    Sorry for my reply. I am only an F-Secure user (their home solutions).


    Did you mean "printing" indeed? Or it is concern about "fill" password to its form?


    If it is about printing and you want to print your password - what is exact trouble? Ability to do it with less steps or automatically by F-Secure KEY functionality?

    Sorry that I am not friendly with such things and maybe it is about something well-known.

    Otherwise - good if you will try to explain about your concern more.


    Also, possible to check F-Secure KEY Knowledgebase:[email protected]


    where possible to find more information about how to (auto)fill your credentials.



  • i want to print out all my password to a paperlist so  I can have them in my depositbox inthe bank.

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    I am not sure that such functionality is existed with F-Secure KEY, but there is a workaround:


    ->> to export F-Secure KEY data:


    ->> File "ExportedPasswords.fsk" is likely JSON-formatted plain text.


    ->> then possible to print it by any text editor as common text file (to open ExportedPasswords.fsk by Notepad as example).


    Trouble is that content with specific view ("JSON"). Not like (if you want to save/print passwords with such view):

    [entry :: password]
    [entry :: password]


    Instead view is next:



    Maybe it is possible to try modify content with enough good view. Or what if such view is suitable for your needs.



  • I have seen it but you van not print it Smiley Sad

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    @Pattepro1 wrote:

    I have seen it but you van not print it Smiley Sad

    yes, maybe. But did you mean that view is not suitable?

    Or technical trouble with printing? If technical trouble - I think that it should be possible to copy text from exported data and add it as "content" to any text-editor (Notepad, Word or so) and then just print it as common text-document.


    Also, which view is expected for you? I mean - how printed passwords should be listed? "Service name - Password" (un)ordered list? Or all of stored data?



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