Password Protection Android does not work

The newly released (Now 12th) app installed from Google Play does not work. Tested 3 devices: 2/3 Devices prompt "Jotakin meni pieleen. Yritä uudelleen" (Something gone wrong. Try again). After clicking [OK] the screen is blank. 1/3 devices starts immediately with blank screen. Each consecutive app launch starts always with blank screen. Simply nothing to click or add license codes.


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    I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing such a problem. Let me ask you a few questions then:
    1. Did you attempt the installation by clicking the installation link in the email you should have received from the PSB portal when your Password Protection user was created? Or did you simply find the Password Protection app in the Play Store yourself?
    2. Was the PSB instance that you used by any chance ?
  • 1. I have a license for PwP. I have been using PwP on 2 win/mac workstations successfully for a few weeks now. I see both devices in PSB portal PwB section. I downloaded the android app from Google Play.  Actually the PwP app is not available via PSB portal (lataukset), only clients for win/mac. 


    2. I have partner admin access to the psb portal, but the URL is - no idea if emea2 named portal is different?


    The app installs just fine but there is no possibility to insert license codes or anything, it just show white screen (with some grey squares).


    I uninstalled the app -> went to PSB portal PwP section -> resent the activation email -> this email contains option for Android -> opened the link in my phone -> installed -> synced -> works!


    However, if we have dozens of end users, many will download the app directly from Google Play and it definitely should be working procedure also this way.

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    Unfortunately, while we do have a task in our backlog to make the activation of the application more intuitive, the only supported way of installing it at the moment is via the activation email link.
    The link that you can find in the email already contains the subscription key, so that you don't have to enter it manually, what would be a fairly uncomfortable task to perform on a mobile device.

    Once again, sorry for the inconvenience.
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    I just received a confirmation from the responsible development team that, due to the fact that they received similar reports from several different places, they will now prioritise the development of alternative application activation method that should prove to be more intuitive.
    They claim it should be released within next few weeks.
  • Good to hear that. Any estimate for the IOS app release date?
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    it's fairly difficult to give a very exact date. The iOS version is going to be submitted for Apple review next week. The review takes on average 6 days ( But it might contain some minor issues in which case we will have to re-submit the app for the review.

    Happy case scenario: it will be available in 2 weeks
    Unhappy case, which will hopefully be avoided, but you may never know: 4-5 weeks
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