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Computer stuck in activation limbo


I have a PC that seems to be stuck in some kind of activation limbo.

We have the exact same amount of users as we have product keys, and I'm in the process of replacing our client PCs, so whenever I start with a new user I remove the old PC from the list, install F-Secure and provide the product key during the install.

Once in a while I've been prompted to re-enter the key after the installation just to have it rejected due to "insufficient amount of free licenses".

I would then check the list of clients, find the newly added PC, remove it, re-enter the product key and everything was fine.

This time, however, I have a PC that prompts me to enter a valid key, but it's nowhere to be found on the client list in the portal, so I can't remove it and follow the steps mentioned above.


Is there some way to fix this without having to contact the user and remove the old installation? (He's on a two week vacation, and I'd hoped to have his new PC ready for when he returns)


Edit: And I have made sure to clear the subscription list from old clients with each install.


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