Sense and Freedom?

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Hi. I have a subscription of F secure total incl. VPN freedom that will expire in 28 days. I also have the sense router with two years of subscription. I have read somewhere that I can contact customer service before the subscription ends in order to have access to freedom even after that for free. What do I have to do to be able to fix this? Or do I have to buySense  a new subscription when it expires?


  • Sense does not include freedome yet. That's one of the probably why they made sense subscription free for now.

    Contact customer support directly via phone or chat during business hours to get more info.

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    Hi CathB,


    As @FormerMember mentioned, kindly get in touch with our support team in order to look into this further. Please, also have a look at this KB article for more information.


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    Sorry for probably asking "dumb" question, but I've been a bit absent following the development of SENSE lately. Will us early adopters (first purchacers) get TOTAL insted of SAFE included on the SENSE router?


    I am traveling and will be away (and have been away) from my SENSE router for some time.

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  • CathB
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