F-Secure Key Premium,ver 4.8.110,windows

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Latest version 4.8.110: What are the new features of this,looks like at least with Chrome (65.0.3325.146 (Official Build) (64-bit) the browser extension and automatic filling got stickier.Reinstallation did not make any difference.


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    Okay,try focus on more to usability as well in the next release..

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    I do agree to JOnes!

    The main reason for me - and also the family members - to not upgrade to premium are the missing usabilities.


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    Hi JOnes,

    The major changes in this latest release are the security improvements.



    Sorry for my ask.


    What kind of security impovements there are?

    - With my tries to (clean?!) install F-Secure KEY latest build with where installed another F-Secure security solution -> installation process will ask for 'stop' three F-Secure processes or restart will be needed.

    - With another system and with try to 'repair' installed F-Secure KEY latest build - such process will create notification that restart will be needed (but not about anything with certain process to close). Probably I installed F-Secure KEY before another F-Secure security solution (but did 'repair' when another F-Secure security solution is installed already).

    - Such topic (https://community.f-secure.com/t5/F-Secure-KEY/Updating-Key-force-reboots/td-p/106183) with words that restart was unexpected and unwanted during/after upgrade to latest build.


    Does it expected view?



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    -Try to fix asap at least those bugs with automatic filling(chrome,firefox) encountered after this latest upgrade(4.8.110),platform windows 10 pc

    -cronological release bulletins with different  platform would be nice to have published(instead of nonspecific "security improvements"),thanks..


  • Yeah, I made that mistake too (update my Key Premium to verion 4.8.110) and now the most important feature, autofill, isn't working. Win 10 and Chrome/firefox. I tried to reload extensions and so on but nothing helped, it still won't work. Fix it asap!

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    Seems this "feature" is quite universal in the latest "update". Me and my brother both have the same problem, he contacted support and was just instructed to remove browser extensions, clear catche, reboot & reinstall. For him it helped for Chrome but not for Firefox, for me it didn't help for either, autofill is completely broken.

  • I am also having this problem with Window 7/Chrome.  I am very frustrated

  • MatejNetMatejNet Posts: 3

    Same here with Windows 8.1 / Chrome

  • LakshLaksh Posts: 4,444 Community Manager

    Hello Everyone,


    For the autofill issue, please try to go to the Task Manager > find the KEY app > click on 'End Task' > then, try to start KEY again.


    Does it help?

  • UPDATE: No! It worked one single time but now it's broken again.



    It helped (at least for me and my boss), thank you!

  • MatejNetMatejNet Posts: 3

    Stopped working - Problem isnt solved'.


    Yes, the Problem with autofill is solved now - thanks!

  • JOnesJOnes Posts: 277 Influencer

    Intercommunication with Key premium 4.8.110 and F-Secure key password manager v. 1.21 gets broken,ctrl+f2 with autofilling works every now and then partially,ability to control autofilling with mouse stopped completely with version 4.8.110.Browser latest 64-bit Chrome/w10.One vote for the "notworking" team.

  • Hi,


    I experienced the same problem with Key on Windows 7 after the update.I also deinstalled and reinstalled everything but it doesn't help.Sometimes it is working but mostly not.But you can get it to work many times when you deactivate and reactivate the option for browser fill in.


    Big failure for that update,pls fix that,Android version is working good at least.

  • TamagoTamago Posts: 9

    The only "solution" I've found was to remove the garbage and reinstall older version, works like a charm. F-secure hasn't acknowledged this major problem in any way in way over two weeks. Nothing has been done, no eta on any solution, faulty version still in circulation, bull**bleep**.


    Also I don't know how well known this "feature" of the Key browser extension is, but the extension is a major processing power hog. For my setup (Core i5-6600K) it drains on average 12 - 15 % from the processor. This seriously needs a fix, as at the same time F-secure Safe sits comfortably in the 0 - 0.1 % zone. So whenever I'm doing something processor intensive I close Key completely, which is a pain in the ass.

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    Please, correct the autocompletion !!!

  • I did the same as user Tamago and installed version 4.7.114 and everything is working perfectly as before.Only thing is the update question that you have to watch out for,lol.


    I hope F Secure is working on that thing in the newer version,not a good sign for a big company to see an error like that in a password manager.

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    Friend, where do I find version 4.7.114 for download?
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    I' m also getting really frustrated with this version. It's been waiting for a repair for the autofill issue for weeks and nothing! It seem F-Secure doesn't even admit that there is a major malfunction with this version of F-Secure Key. Of all the companies F-Sercure should know better to admit that there is a problem and fix it asap. I have paid full price for a product that has been broken for months! Fix it or give me my money back!

  • TamagoTamago Posts: 9

    Tried updating to 4.9.28, autofill still broken.

    Reverted once again back to 4.7.114.


    Edit: after a complete fresh reinstallation 4.9.28 seems to be working at least for Chrome.

  • LakshLaksh Posts: 4,444 Community Manager

    Hello @Tamago,


    We have a workaround for the browser autofill issue in the new version of KEY 4.9.28.


    Could you please let us know which autofill is still broken? Is it the browser/system autofill?

  • JOnesJOnes Posts: 277 Influencer

    In the meantime,could you please publish announcement of the new win pc key-premium version and what are our chances to get it? No autochannel delivery yet.

  • TamagoTamago Posts: 9

    Seems like it was my mistake this time around. Made a complete fresh reinstall of Key and browser extension for Chrome today, and the 4.9.28 seems to be working now.


    Edit: Also it seems like F-Secure has managed to solve the processor drain issue, which seemed to relate to the browser extension. Key doesn't show up in task manager processor use calcualtions anymore.

  • JOnesJOnes Posts: 277 Influencer

    -How did you actually find out about the new win pc key premium version and browser extension ,just by downloading  the f_secure_key.msi file periodically and check updates for the browser extension(1.2.1) or? 

    -Haven't seen either offical announcent here at the community or autochannel update yet. 

  • TamagoTamago Posts: 9

    At first I noticed the new version because I needed to reinstall Key, and went on to FileHippo to download installer for version 4.7.114. The new version 4.9.28 was uploaded there, and the installation file from FileHippo is identical in size to the one currently downloadable from F-Secure homepage (which does not cary any version information unfortunately). Windows shows that the installer file was created on 9.5.2018.


    I tried installing 4.9.28 over my old installation, without reinstalling Chrome extension. Autofill wasn't working, reinstalled 4.7.114 and came here to complain. After the post claiming that autofill should be fixed in 4.9.28, I completely uninstalled Key (4.7.114) and Chrome extension (didn't check version). Installed 4.9.28 a second time and reinstalled extension 1.2.1 and it seems to be working.


    And as I said, according to Win10 task manager, the processor power drain issue from the extension seems to have been fixed.

  • JOnesJOnes Posts: 277 Influencer

    Thanks,Let's hope F-secure moderators will verify the updating method you described is the preferred one

  • TamagoTamago Posts: 9

    I'm not sure what verification you'd need, as the Key installation file in distribution in F-Secure homepage is for the version 4.9.28. It's unfortunate that F-Secure doesn't seem to have interest in announcing updates or changelogs for customers Smiley Frustrated

  • LakshLaksh Posts: 4,444 Community Manager

    Hi @JOnes,


    The new version 4.9.28 of KEY should be available at the download section here.

  • JOnesJOnes Posts: 277 Influencer

    Thanks,very "challenging" update policy from customer's  point of view with the product called F-Secure Key Premium(platform win/mac).. 

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