F secure Server Security & Server Security Premium - Reset Password !

Hi Support Team F secure Server Security & Server Security Premium have web console and built in need to use User Name and Password for Login and Change settings.

1-How can disable user and password ?


2-how change the password after crating msi file and installed AV ?


3-And is there any whey to reset the password ? I mean if policy manger dos not reachable .


Accepted Answer


  • etomcat
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    Doesn't the F-Secure web interface use "domain_name\user_name" and "domain_user's_password" for access?


    Best Regards: Tamas Feher, Hungary.

  • Farzan
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    is there any why to remove password?

  • Vad
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    No. For security reasons only admnistrators can tune the product policies.

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