does sense support meshing ? or will it ever?

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    Hi lukasa,


    SENSE can’t be made Wi-Fi mesh capable by SW update. Mesh Wi-Fi needs a different HW architecture.

    That said, SENSE is primarily a security router. Yes, there is built-in Wi-Fi that has a fairly good coverage.

    If your home cannot be covered with the SENSE Wi-Fi, then probably a better solution would be to try a 3rd party mesh Wi-Fi connected to SENSE.

    Hence, we are not planning mesh support within SENSE in the near future.



  • The following is how I have understood it:

    You can only have one sense device on the same network.

    You can extend sense wlan range only with access points that support bridge mode.


    So no mesh support currently.

    Only F-Secure can answer if mesh will ever be supported.

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    so is this place were f secure can answer?

  • Yes, but for faster answers contact them via support phone or chat.

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    thank you, not in hurry really will wait a bit

  • It does not even have a guest wifi or VPN server. How on earth would it suddenly have features from 500 € + price range when it is missing even the sub 100 € features?

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    its not that high of price feature meny similar or cheaper products have it

  • Yeps, meshing price tag has lowered lately.

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    just a router with meshing support you can get 125$ and with +2 meshing units 311$

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    Hi lukasa,


    SENSE does not have meshing support. Meshing support is not in the near-term plans.

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    oh Smiley Sad one last question, is that any hardware limitation or purly software? so if in any future you guys start implementing it will current models work ?

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    thank you for response

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