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In policy manager we have more than 124.000 alerts – oldest are from year 2012. How can I delete old alerts? Manually is out of question! I know that I can hide them, but when policy manager generate scheduled report, I get all the infections...




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    1) The easiest and most radical way is to to a database recovery and skip the alerts and reports, but you will loose all.

    2) disable "hide alerts" to show all. move to the first to be deleted, mark all below (shift-PgDn), click on delete
    do a database recovery (to shrink it)

    3) with the risk of breaking something:
    You could access the database diretly using SQL-statements.
    But I think that is tricky and overdoing for a one time task.

    Please request detailed information from Support.



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    Dear Dusan,


    Please specify exactly which versions do you use and on which OS?


    Database maintenance has been a built-in feature in recent editions of F-Secure Policy Manager Console and Server.


    Best Regards: Tamas Feher, Hungary.

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    Thanks, I try that before but it delete only one row. It looks that "problem" was that i click into grid... Anyway, I deleted old alarms...

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    Policy Manager 3.10 on Windows Server  2012R2

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    great, dont forget to do the recovery.
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