Policy Manager Proxy vs neighborcast

Is there any benefit to use neigborcast in branch office when there is also a Policy Manager Proxy v13.10 installed. 


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    Client Security V13.10 currently has no support for neigborcast as that protocol is bases on AUA (Backweb). Smiley Sad


    AUA was replaced by GUTS2

    Generally spoken:
    if neighborcast is usefull in an environment in addition to PM Proxy depends on your hosts connection to the PMP. If they are all in the same 1GBit-Network, NC is not usefull. If some Clients are behind a slow VPN-Conection NC would be helpfull to reduce traffic, but then again it depends on the number of Clients behind that VPN.

    Also if you are not able to place a PMP in the remote office NC would be helpfull.

    (Hope this is beein read by some R&D and PMs) Smiley Wink


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    CSPR13.10, I can still see Automatic Update Agent (v10.10) and Neighborcast setting in PM advanced view.

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    because you can still manage V12 Clients
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    This was in policy domain that had only 13.10 clients

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    already in V13.00 release notes:
    New protocol for delivering updates

    The new protocol decreases the probability of clients having to do a full download of updates, for example after a weekend offline.
    GUTS2 protocol has replaced BackWeb for downloading updates from F-Secure.
    Note: Neighborcast for GUTS2 updates is currently not supported in this version.
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