Block Windows Store using Computer Protection



Is there any posibility to block  app from Windows Store using Computer Protection. 


I block websites like facebook but employees find way to use it using Windows Store apps. 






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    We are preparing a new cool feature to control applications (aka "Application Control 2.0") where you will be able to block applications based on rich rule set. But it's not yet released.


    For now you can use Firewall feature to block "WinStore.App.exe" downloading any apps and if apps are already downloaded  - you can either block all of them or use firewall rules to block facebook IP address (you can use "" as "remote IP address" and it will be resolved to current IP address for


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    It works. Thank you


    If I understood correctly this Feature will be available in psb products, right?

    Is there a chance to release this feature in this year?
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    We are not allowed to comment officially on "when it will be released" but unofficially I can say "yes" :)

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    > I block websites like facebook but employees find way to use it using Windows Store apps.


    I think FB access should be blocked at the network gateway traffic level, banning domains like, facebook.*, fbcdn-video-* and probably a myriad of other URI resources?


    Even if you block WinStore and Google Play Store, the employees could download a client at home, print it in a form of full-page QR barcode (some solutions can store 4MB per printed A4 page) and OCR scan it at the office to reconstruct the binary or invent any other kind of McGyver-like trick.


    (People really very much want to have Facebook nowadays, so they can read russian trolls' fake news... Maybe a corporation-wide education campaign on how FB turns people into zombies should be also helpful.)


    Best Regards: Tamas Feher, Hungary.

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